Bethany Wheeler, MS, RD, LD, of B. Wheeler Nutrition, LLC

It could be beneficial to meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian if you are an athlete (of any level), enjoy playing sports and/or enjoy being active, but do not feel like you are properly fueled or feel your performance is impacted by nutrition and/or your relationship with food/your body. It may also be beneficial to meet with a dietitian if:

  • You experience GI issues, particularly with high-intensity activity
  • You believe your eating habits are unstable and/or disordered
  • You are not sure what is truth versus myth when it comes to nutrition information
  • You have difficulty identifying hunger/satisfaction body cues
  • You feel that food dominates your life
  • You feel that you have lost control around food/eating
  • You have tried fad diets and the results have not been long-term
  • You don’t know how and/or what to eat anymore

Bethany Wheeler, MS, RD, LD, of B. Wheeler Nutrition, LLC, provides comprehensive nutrition therapy and counseling for individuals with any of the above issues and needs. She has experience working with athletes from a variety of sports and at a variety of levels. Brief phone consultations are available at no charge to answer any questions about nutrition therapy/counseling you may have and to discuss with Bethany your current needs and issues.

In-person sessions are available at her office Sandy Springs, Ga. Video sessions are also available and provide convenient access to care.

Contact Information:
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Phone: 678-951-9584