Pro Balance Massage combines postural balancing and myoskeletal fascial work with its focus on the clients posture and mobility. This form of massage therapy is designed to assess your posture, the functionality of your joints, and work the tissues involved. Working with your body type, posture, strengths and weaknesses, this form of massage is specific to each client. It can provide overall wellness, joint mobility, and is complementary to Physical Therapy.

Spot treatments are massage sessions using various techniques designed to enhance wellness and postural balance. These methods include basic massage techniques, such as kneading, pressure, effleurage, tapotement, petrissage, as well as myofascial work along with body movements and stretching. For the longer sessions exercises are included to have a longer lasting impact of the session.

The Shiatsu-Anma, Sports Massage and Deep tissue sessions are with a set routine. It is designed for general relief and muscle relaxation. These sessions are generally full body.

All sessions are fully clothed with the exception of the Sports and Deep Tissue massage. Generally I ask that the client dress in gym clothing. The fitting should be loose and comfortable, as you will be asked to perform some movements and stretches.